John Cena’s birth chart

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Professional wrestler. Former rapper. And now headlining as a DC superhero. Yes, his call is John Cena!
With an intensive profession that has taken him in some unique directions, Cena`s ambition to upward push to the pinnacle has catapulted him to international success. Known as one of the finest expert wrestlers of all time with greater muscular tissues than likely even God, Cena conquered the area and the world`s hearts! As his profession led him to fundamental franchises like the “Fast and the Furious” and DC Comic`s “The Suicide Squad,” he has even started headlining his very own series “Peacemaker” to rave reviews.
Yet with a splendid profession positive to retain to upward push, the celebrity has even determined approaches to relax with spouse Shay Shariatzadeh youngster free! So did the universe clearly endow Cena with the, uh, complete package deal or did he rather face existence classes that driven him to combat his manner to be the dom?
Let`s simply say Cena has a big, thick swole start chart, too, if you had been wondering. Join me as we peer into his existence due to the fact I`m a popular culture astrologer and I can see it all.
John Cena became born on April 23, 1977. This makes him a robust Taurus Sun with a witty Gemini Moon. His start time is indexed on-line which could make him a softie Cancer Ascendant, however I frequently discover that once I paintings with celebrities in character they deliver me unique data altogether, so we`ll recognition predominantly on what we do—in fact—know (get at me, Cena!). When specializing in his elemental energy, his start chart has a large quantity of emotional Water vibes, observed with the aid of using Air.
This indicates that inherently, regardless of his presentation to the world, Cena is a man who likes to narrate to others as high-quality as he can. His non-public relationships are paramount to him—and lots of this simply is due to his youth. His Mars, the planet of bodily energy and masculinity, spins in his Midheaven, revealing that that is important for his profession. Venus, surprisingly, is there, as well, which offers him his theatrical part and amusement round art, costumes and performing.
Yet, after I peer into key traits that gift themselves in his mental make-up, a fantastic diploma of them reference trauma and a feel that he has needed to combat again to show himself in the course of his existence. There are varieties of humans on this world: people who enjoy demanding situations and are damaged down with the aid of using them after which folks who use that ache as power. Cena is the latter. His Sun is united with the asteroid Chiron, recognized as “the Wounded Healer,” that could display abuse or dismiss early in existence that triggered him to say: “sufficient is sufficient, if I am strong, then no person can harm me.”
This is a deeply touchy region to illuminate, however it has given him significant braveness to push himself up each unmarried time. His Moon, ruling his emotions, clashes with Mars, revealing that he has felt closely motivated with the aid of using outside conditions that affected his feel of safety and in preference to simply dealing with every tough feeling, he determined a rebellious and combative streak, rather. Saturn, the planet of demanding situations, clashes with Uranus, the planet of chaos, in an precise diploma in his sky, too, bringing him a steady knee-jerk technique to manipulate with the aid of using domination: the instant it befell to him, he`d spoil some thing down or get up for himself due to the fact authority frequently attempted to preserve him down.
This solid him into an eccentric, modern character who has broke the mildew at each turn. This ache, as I mentioned, introduced him his finest capacity to be a long way greater than everybody ever anticipated of him. With Pluto additionally clashing together along with his Ascendant, he has fought lengthy and tough to be favorite and diagnosed and has understood that which will get that, he has needed to remodel himself, mind, frame and soul.
After all of this, though, the high-quality element approximately his chart is that it additionally indicates that he became born with innate competencies for humor, allure and performance, and beneath it all, he’s in the long run very kind, balanced and reserved. The practicality he applied to capitalize on all of those sources of expertise and vision—in addition to show himself time and again—has led him to wherein he now stands.

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